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Photography is our passion. Foto Discount World trading as Foto Digital World is a camera shop, hi fi shop, binocular shop, and tv shop all in one. We have the best prices on canon cameras, nikon cameras, olympus cameras and fujifilm cameras. We sell cameras, lenses, camcorders, flashes, binoculars, tv's, hi fi's, rangefinders, camera bags, studio lights, tripods, dslr cameras, mirror less cameras and many more. The shop was established April 2003 and is a retailer of electronics goods in South Africa. We do outdoor photo equipment, wedding photography equipment, portrait photography equipment, sports photography equipment, studio photography equipment and more. Foto and Hi-Fi World were established in November 2009 and is also a retailer of electronics goods in South Africa. We specialize in Photographic equipment, high end Hi-Fi, TV's and general appliances. We give you photo freedom. We have grown from a small retail outlet who served the local community to one of the biggest independent outlets in South Africa. Outdoor photo gear and many more items on offer. We are in the top 3 positions in the independent sector for the majority of our product lines. We have one extended website serving both branches, where we serve the majority of South Africa. Foto Discount World is now SA's leading supplier in photographic gear and more. Our customer base includes the general public, local and provincial government departments, Military Institutions, municipalities, educational institutions and private companies.

Foto Digital World and Foto and Hi Fi World are evolving businesses with new lines being introduced as the electronic market grows. New avenues are explored with the introduction of tablets, e-readers and loads of new innovations in the photographic, hi-fi, TV and appliance markets. We expanded our shop a few years ago to facilitate more lines and products to give the customers a wider range to choose from. Our major brands include Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Tamron, Fujifilm, Olympus, Sandisk, LexarSamsung, LG, Defy, Yamaha and many more. We have now also added the DJI drones and Parrot drones.

This is some of the Camera Specials we have on Digital Cameras for sale from Foto Discount World. Digital SLR Cameras as well as Mirrorless Cameras and Compact Digital Cameras On Sale.

A DSLR Camera is ideal when you want superior quality and you can get the ultimate dslr lens you need for you specific photographic event. Also if you need to print in big sizes this is the only medium you should look at. Dslr cameras have large sensors and therefore capture more info and that gives you more detail with the correct dslr lens, Digital SLR Camera Bodies can be upgraded and you can keep your old lens makes this the best way to upgrade your camera in the future and be current.

Mirrorless Digital Cameras is more compact in size and mostly used when you want to travel. (DSLR cameras is still superior in quality.) Mirrorless Cameras is better than Bridge Cameras but not as good as dslr cameras. Mirrorless cameras also have interchangeable lenses.

Digital Compact Cameras price is very good and is small and easy to use for everyday life events. Compact Cameras quality is better than cellphones and will still give you a quality print in jumbo size. The best camera brands is Canon, Nikon, Leica, Fujifilm and Olympus. These brands have a 2 year South African warranty.

We also have Hi Fi Specials and TV Specials. We only keep the major brands in South Africa like Yamaha, LG, Samsung and Marants.

To complete our products we have binoculars, rangefinders, drones, printers, scanners, home theaters, televisions and more on offer.


Director: Wynand van Niekerk