Canon Macro Lenses

Canon Macro Lenses For Sale

Browse through the complete range of Canon macro lenses in South Africa.

Canon Macro Lenses

See the finer details of the world around you with Canon Macro Lenses. Designed to reveal intricate details in plants, insects, animals, food and everything else, macro lenses will transport your photography into the world of microscopic beauty. Macro lenses highlight textures, colors and hidden details in close-up images of your subjects.

Canon Macro Lenses

Canon’s Macro Lenses’ apertures ranges from 2.5 to 3.5, allowing more light to pass through your camera’s sensor resulting in a brighter image. This allows for even more detail and vibrant, bright colors to be captured in your images.

Canon Macro Lenses

These lenses come in fixed focal lengths of between 28mm to 180mm, giving you optimum choice when choosing a macro lens.

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