Canon Standard Lenses

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Canon Standard Lenses

Canon’s Standard Lenses, or normal lenses, produce images similar to that of the naked eye. These lenses fall between the telephoto lens and the wide angle lens categories, which produce unnaturally zoomed-in and zoomed-out images respectively, meaning that the standard lens gives you a more natural looking image.

Canon Standard Lenses

Canon Standard lenses make great general-purpose lenses, and can be used to photograph everything from close-up portraits to landscapes. They tend to be very “fast” lenses, given their wide aperture, making them perfect for indoor and low-light photography.

Canon Standard Lenses


The technical definition of a standard lens is a lens with a focal length that roughly matches the diagonal the image sensor. For a standard full-frame 35mm camera this gives a focal length of around 43mm.

Canon Standard Lenses


With their ability to accurately reproduce a scene, standard lenses are an excellent choice for photographing people. They are particularly good when shooting candid photos, where you want to include some surrounding scenery to put the subject in context.

Standard Lenses produce beautiful, natural-looking photos and is a must-have for all photographers. Buy your Canon standard lens todya at Foto Discount World.