Canon Tilt And Shift Lenses

Canon Tilt and Shift Lenses For Sale

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Canon Tilt and Shift Lenses

Canon Tilt And Shift Lenses allows you to see your world from a different perspective. Tilt-shift offers a hands-on approach to optical manipulation and perspective control. These lenses are ideal for architectural photography as they keep buildings squared and in focus.

Canon Tilt and Shift Lenses

Tilt determines the plane of focus by allowing you to point a lens at an angle other than perpendicular to the image plane. As a normal lens can only focus on a singular plane, the areas of sharpness in a photo will be the same distance from the camera. With tilt, the focal plane becomes flexible.

Canon Tilt and Shift Lenses

The shift features, on the other hand, is the parallel upward or downward displacement of the lens to the image plane. This results in the photographer being able to adjust a subject’s place in a composition without needing to move the camera itself. It also keeps everything squared, eliminating the convergence of vertical lines, a phenomenon known as “keystoning” that occurs when photographing tall buildings.

Canon Tilt and Shift lenses are great for adding a bit of creativity into your portraiture and still-life photography as well, giving images a fun perspective. Get your Canon Tilt and Shift lens today at Foto Discount World.