Leica Cameras

Leica Cameras

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Leica Cameras

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Leica Cameras

Leica is a reliable brand with a great reputation in South Africa.

Leica Cameras

Founded in 1914 in Germany, Leica is known for their reliable cameras and optics as well as for the unique look of their cameras. If you are the type who likes the look of all things vintage, this is a camera brand you are going to like. Most of the Leica cameras have plenty of a certain vintage appeal, but don’t let their look fool you; they are anything but outdated. This is a company that has become the specialists in producing high-end cameras, which often means that the Leica camera is a pricey one.

Leica Cameras

Don’t let the price deter you though, if you are looking to splurge on a fantastic camera, you have found the right brand.

The History of Leica cameras

While Leica began their research and manufacturing of high-quality cameras in the 1910’s, it was only in the 1920’s that they introduced their cameras to the public and began a marketing campaign that would help them to make their mark in the photography world. The Leica company quickly built up a reliable reputation as the photographic company that is all about innovation and commitment to manufacturing quality optics.

Just about all of the earliest cameras manufactured by Leica were designed to be compact cameras; easy to carry around and simple to use. The earliest Leica cameras were designed for landscape photography and were popular with mountain hikers.

The company has undergone numerous changes as it has grown over the last 100 years, surviving World War 2 and the world of competition that came after it. The one thing that has not changed about this company is its outstanding high-quality products.

The Modern Leica Cameras

Today, while Leica might not be the first choice in cameras for professional photographers looking to specialise in family or wedding photography, the Leica is popular with urban street photographers and photojournalists, especially those in war situations. Because these cameras produce stunning quality while also being wonderfully compact, they are ideal for photojournalists.

The different Leica camera series for sale

As with all renowned camera manufacturers, the development of these cameras spans a number of series. This allows the manufacturers to create a camera for every occasion. For Leica photography to be on par every time, different cameras are designed to accommodate the different photographic needs of the different photographers out there.

A quick breakdown of the Leica product categories

Leica M Cameras

Consisting of the popular Leica M8, Leica M10, Leica M9 and the Leica M6, along with a host of other popular Leica M cameras, this is a great range for those looking for a camera that is light and compact. These cameras are designed to have discreet lenses. They are easy to use and you will be able to take crisp images with the M Series.

Leica Q Cameras

This is the first Leica compact camera fit with a full-frame sensor and a fixed focal length. Ideal for capturing clear images exactly as the photographer sees them, this is a camera that will help you to reach your photographic potential.

Leica SL Cameras

Made for professional photography, the Leica SL cameras are the first mirrorless system cameras of their kind, while they are also versatile and rugged. The camera is compatible with a number of lenses which can improve your photo capturing ability.

Leica T Cameras

With a minimalist design, unique features for easy handling and superb craftsmanship, these cameras can reignite your love for photography. These cameras offer you the best in photographic engineering.

Leica X Camera

The Leica X camera range is designed to have a large image sensor with a high resolution. This is the camera for producing images with the finest quality. This camera selection is designed with the vintage look that a Leica is known for.

Leica Compact Cameras

Bringing you the best in quality image capturing, the Leica Compact Camera is the ideal choice for those looking for a smaller camera. Small, easy to use and with the ability to take great images, Leica Compact Cameras are among the best on the market.

Leica Cameras offer German engineering and craftsmanship at its finest. Foto Discount World stocks a number of Leica cameras including the Leica M8, the Leica SL, the Leica M10, and the Leica M7. We offer free delivery of all of our Leica cameras for sale.