Canon Cameras

Canon Cameras

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Canon Cameras

Canon Cameras is a brand name that goes hand in hand with quality, precision and high-quality images.

Amateur entry level photographers, as well as the seasoned professionals, have found plenty of benefits from using a Canon camera.

Canon Cameras

When it comes to your choice in camera, it is as much about the quality of the camera as it is about your personal preferences. For some, the final choice is only made once they have been given the opportunity to experiment while with others research has been enough to make their decision. Those looking to buy a Canon camera will find a huge selection with the Canon PowerShot, the Canon DSLR camera, and the Canon Ixus camera for sale being just a few of the most popular products available.Canon has been an industry leader throughout the world, it’s not only South Africans who have fallen in love with their Canon camera.

Canon Cameras

Two divisions, a variety of great products

So you have begun the search for a brand new camera and you have started by looking through the Canon catalogue. You have started at a really great place because if there is one thing that Canon is well known for, it is their ability to manufacture great photographic equipment that can stand the test of time.

Canon Cameras

The company has spilt their cameras into two distinct product lines: The Canon EOS and the Canon PowerShot. The Canon EOS is made up of cameras including the popular SLR models while the Canon PowerShot ranges are known for their simple but effective point and shoot designs. To help you with your decision making, we are going to delve a little deeper into these product lines.

The Canon EOS

EOS stands for Electro Optical System. Canon has been making SLR cameras since May 1959 and they keep pushing the bar with their quality and their ease of use. Their manufacturing of these quality cameras took a turn in 1987 when the EOS line was introduced to the public. What makes the EOS range of Canon cameras so popular is the relative affordability of the brand. This allows just about anyone to afford a quality camera.

What is the big deal about DSLR?

If you have already begun your research into cameras, the Canon DSLR Camera is sure to have come up a few times. Photographers with an artistic flare tend to lean towards and will eventually pledge their loyalty to the DSLR range. Canon DSLR Cameras are conveniently split into 3 categories: the DSLR for Beginners, the DSLR for Enthusiasts and the DSLR for Professionals. The beginner DSLR will help you to get the basics under control and it will also help you to advance to the other cameras within the DSLR range.

When you buy a Canon camera, you won’t go amiss by choosing a DSLR. DSLR stands of Digital Single Lens reflex. In the past, these Canon cameras were reserved for the professionals and those who could afford it. But these days, the Canon DSLR camera is relatively affordable. The DSLR stands out from the rest of the cameras on the market due to the lenses that are available. The lens that you have on your camera is just as important as the camera itself. If you are going to go with the Canon DSLR camera, you might find that you need to buy a lens and this is where the DSLR can become pricey.

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The Canon PowerShot

For the new photographer and the enthusiast who is just starting out, you should be looking at the Canon PowerShot cameras for sale. This category of cameras dates back to 1996 when they were first introduced to the market. Today, Canon PowerShot for sale in South Africa is one of the most extensive collections of cameras in the country. PowerShot cameras are exceptionally compact and they are easy to use. No specific lenses are needed for these cameras.

Speaking of compact cameras, the Canon Ixus is another great option to look at. The Canon Ixus in South Africa is available from our online shop.

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