Fujifilm Cameras

Fujifilm Cameras

Fujifilm Cameras for sale from Foto Discount World. Wide range of Fujifilm cameras in South Africa available at the best prices.

Fujifilm Cameras

Buy Fujifilm Cameras from Foto Discount World to get the best out of photography. We make sure to keep the best quality Fujifilm cameras.

Fujifilm Cameras

Whether you’re looking for a top of the range digital camera or a fun and easy to use polaroid camera, FujiFilm has it all. Choose your perfect camera from among the FinePix, X digital cameras and INSTAX ranges. FujiFilm offers exceptional, affordable quality products suited for every type of photographer

Fujifilm Cameras

FujiFilm X Range

The FujiFilm X range cameras combines traditional styling with cutting edge innovative technology. The models of the X range comes at a wide variety of prices and features all aiming to “make you fall in love with photography all over again”.  The X series’ cameras are all stylish, well-designed cameras available with black or silver finishes.

Fujifilm Cameras


Bringing back the polaroid photo, the FujiFilm INSTAX cameras instantly print you images on film sheets. These sheets come in several funky designs, such as Candy Pop, Comic and Shiny Star, adding to the fun of instantly printed photos. INSTAX cameras are also available in different colours, including yellow, blue and purple, letting you pick the camera that suits your personality.

FujiFilm FinePix

At Foto Discount World we have the FinePix Underwater cameras for sale in an assortment of different colors. These cameras allow for stunning underwater photos, being waterproof for up to 20m and having a rugged, tough design.

FujiFilm spoils you for choice with their numerous ranges of superb, fun and beautifully designed cameras, catering to the needs and wants of different photographers. Don’t delay. Invest in a FujiFilm camera today at Foto Discount World.

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