Canon Telephoto Lenses

Canon Telephoto Lenses for sale

Browse through the complete range of Canon telephoto lenses in South Africa.

Enjoy fuller images with Canon Telephoto Lenses. Telephoto lenses are lenses with a longer focal length than standard lenses, giving you a narrow field of view and a magnified image. In other words, its a lens that magnifies the scene more than any other lenses. This makes telephoto lenses the best lenses for shooting sports photography, wildlife, or any other object that is far away or which is small and needs a lot of magnification.

Canon offers you a wide variety of telephoto lenses, in both fixed and zoom models. Prime telephoto lenses give you sharper images and wider apertures, while zoom telephoto lenses allows for a wider variety of images and makes it easier to take that perfect shot.

Foto Discount World brings you prime and zoom telephoto lenses at various apertures, focal lengths and price points so you can make the right choice. Take your photography to the next level with a Canon Telephoto Lens!