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Canon EF 14 mm f 2.8 L II USM Lens + Free Delivery

R31,900.00 R28,689.00

Canon EF 35mm f1.4L II USM + Free Delivery

R29,500.00 R26,489.00

Canon EF 24mm f 1.4L II USM + Free Delivery

R23,300.00 R20,989.00

Canon EF 35 mm f 2.0 IS + Free Delivery

R9,100.00 R8,189.00

Canon EF 24 mm f 2.8 IS + Free Delivery

R8,700.00 R7,789.00

Canon EF 28 mm f 2.8 IS + Free Delivery

R8,100.00 R7,289.00

Canon EF 20 mm f 2.8 USM + Free Delivery

R7,400.00 R6,595.00

Canon EF 28 mm f 1.8 USM + Free Delivery

R7,100.00 R6,389.00

Canon EF-S 24mm f2.8 STM + Free Delivery

R2,200.00 R1,895.00

Canon Wide Angle Fixed Lenses

 Canon Wide Angle Fixed Lenses For Sale From Foto Discount World. Wide range of Canon Wide Angle Fixed Lenses in South Africa available at the best prices.

Canon Wide Angle Fixed Lenses

Buy Canon Wide Angle Fixed Lenses from Foto Discount World for the ultimate landscape photography. We make sure to keep the best quality Canon Wide Angle Fixed Lenses.