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Canon Ixus Cameras

Canon Ixus Cameras for sale from Foto Discount World. Wide range of Canon Ixus cameras in South Africa available at the best prices.

Canon Ixus Cameras

Buy Canon Ixus Cameras from Foto Discount World to get the best out of photography in compact form and style. We make sure to keep the best quality Canon ixus cameras.

Canon Ixus Cameras

When it comes to the kind of quality you can expect from Canon the only question you really need to ask before you buy one is which compact camera best suits you? Compact cameras have a place for all occasions, from being the handiest side tool to have when on a professional shoot to being just the right camera to capture those moments from your latest family holiday.

Canon Ixus Cameras

Of the compact camera family available from Canon, it is difficult to choose the one for you. This doesn’t have to be a tough choice when you know what you are looking for, but with each brand being unique and having a special quality of its own, narrowing down the competition to that single camera is a decision that can only be made once you have the right information.

Canon Ixus Cameras

Compact cameras available from Canon are made to last while they are always perfectly capable of taking unbeatable high-quality images. The full compact camera range consists of the Point and Shoot cameras, the Superzoom cameras, the Bridge cameras, and the Expert compact cameras. The Canon Ixus compact cameras fall into the reliable Point and Shoot range. Simplicity and effectively capturing images is what this series does best and those who love a Point and Shoot camera will find everything they are looking for with the Ixus.

A closer look at the Canon Ixus Compact Camera range

Looking for a small Canon? The Ixus might be just what you need. The Canon Ixus compact camera series has made a formidable name for itself as the compact camera of choice among those looking to take professional quality images while having a camera that is small enough to slip into a pocket. Capturing images in high detail is what you will get from every Ixus. These Canon cameras are for those who are always on the move but who don’t want to miss a moment.

The Canon Ixus Range

The Canon Ixus 285 HS

Available by pre-ordering from Foto Discount World, you can own a Canon Ixus 285 HS camera in Purple, Silver or Black. It is the sharp performance of this particular camera that wins over Canon fans time and again. Some of the benefits that you will experience include:

  • A slim design that fits as comfortably in your hand as it does in your pocket.
  • Easily record HD movies by simply pressing a button.
  • Connect the camera to Wi-Fi with just a tap and instantly start sharing your
  • High-quality photos every time you capture an image.
  • Be as creative as you like with the additional features.

The Canon Ixus 190

Available in a sleek and stylish Black, Blue or Silver, you will find plenty of reasons to fall in love with the Ixus 190 series. Along with the great Canon quality that you have come to know and expect, you also have a range of other benefits to enjoy, including:

  • 0 megapixels to get the best quality detail.
  • Easy control to simplify the photographing process.
  • Wi-Fi capability to quickly upload and share your images whenever you are.
  • Features that will allow you to be more creative with your photographic process.

The Canon Ixus 185

This camera carries the very essence of a Point and Shoot camera. The Canon Ixus 185 has that chic look and feel of a compact camera and it is able to produce the same high-quality images that all Ixus cameras are capable of doing. Here are just a few of the benefits that you can look forward to with your Canon Ixus 185:

  • 20-megapixel capability and a 16x zoom make for capturing high-quality
  • A helpful auto-mode to enable you to quickly take high-quality
  • Filmmaking is simplified with the Ixus 185.
  • Easy use and easy control to give you more freedom with your photography.

The Canon Ixus 180

Another great Point and Shoot camera, slim enough to fit into your pocket, the Canon Ixus 185 provides you with simple photographic abilities. Like the other Ixus camera’s this one has the ability to capture movies and with its stability, you can take clear images every time. Some of the benefits of this camera include:

  • Being small enough to carry with you anywhere you go.
  • Wi-Fi capabilities so you can connect and share your images wherever you are.
  • More creativity options with features and filters for the artist in you.

The Canon Ixus 175

You can choose between the Red and the Silver Ixus 175. These cameras are fantastic for capturing those special moments of your life. This compact Canon camera will bring out your creative flair. Some of the features include:

  • An 8x optical zoom lens allowing you to capture distant images.
  • Excellent results every time with 20 megapixels and DIGIC processing.
  • High-quality filmmaking
  • An auto option, enabling you to grab the moment with simple point and shoot.

For a small Canon camera, the Canon Ixus Compact Cameras are some of the best in the Canon family. You can buy these cameras from Foto Discount World and enjoy free delivery.