Nikon Z9

Nikon Z9 (Body Only) – Mirrorless Digital Camera. Delivering speed, image quality, and connectivity, the Nikon Z 9 is a professional-grade camera characterized by its newly developed sensor, advanced AF performance, and high-resolution 8K video recording. Their first mirrorless flagship camera, the Z 9 stands out as a camera that appeals to photographers and filmmakers working across a wide variety of applications.

Stacked Sensor and Powerful Processing Engine

45.7MP Stacked BSI CMOS Sensor

The core of the Z 9 is the newly developed FX-format 45.7MP BSI stacked CMOS sensor. Its stacked design offers fast readout speeds and helps to reduce rolling shutter, and the BSI design contributes to impressive clarity and minimal noise when working at higher sensitivities. At 45.7MP, it’s also a high-resolution chip that benefits landscape, portraiture, and other detail-oriented genres, as well as enables recording video at resolutions up to 8K. The full-frame BSI design is known for exquisite colour and detail rendering, too, and this sensor offers a native ISO 64-25600 range, that can be expanded to ISO 32-102400.

EXPEED 7 Image Processor

Complementing the sensor is an advanced processing engine, the EXPEED 7, which offers speeds approximately 10x faster than a Z 7II. This engine works in conjunction with the stacked sensor design to realize impressively fast AF speeds, burst shooting rates, a high buffer capacity, fluid video performance, and quick all-around handling.

  • Top continuous shooting speeds of 20 fps when shooting in raw, 30 fps when shooting in JPEG, and an impressive 120 fps shooting rate when recording 11MP stills, with all rates supporting full AF/AE performance.
  • Able to buffer over 1000 raw images in a burst, meaning raw image sequences can be recorded for approximately 50 seconds continuously.
  • Electronic shutter affords a top shutter speed of 1/32,000 sec for working in the brightest conditions with wider apertures.
  • Stacked sensor design reduces rolling shutter distortion so fast-moving subjects, like a golf club, tennis racket, or baseball bat, do not appear distorted when working with shutter speeds up to 1/32,000 sec.
  • AF calculations are done at a 120 fps rate to keep up with fast continuous shooting speeds.
  • New High Efficiency RAW file format maintains image quality akin to uncompressed raw files but with file sizes approximately 30% smaller for faster reading/writing to the memory card.

Nikon Z9

Electronic Shutter-Only Design

Relying on the speed and stacked design of the sensor, the Z 9 completely forgoes a mechanical shutter and uses just an electronic shutter for all capture modes. The speed of the sensor enables recording at up to 1/32,000 sec and the stacked structure reduces motion distortion for accurate depiction of fast-moving subjects, like golf clubs, baseball bats, and automobiles. Also, despite the absence of a mechanical shutter, flash sync up to 1/200 sec. is still supported as well as high speed sync functions.
By removing the mechanical shutter, the Z 9 can also operate completely silently and there is no worry over mechanical shutter wear or breakdown. A shutter release sound can be added for awareness when a photo is being taken, and the volume can be adjusted to suit different working scenarios.

Fast and Intelligent AF

493-Point Phase-Detection AF

Covering the full sensor area, the Z 9 uses a 493-point phase-detection AF system to realize fast and accurate focusing performance. This system is benefitted by the high-speed communication of the Z interface along with the speed of the sensor that enables AF readings to occur at up to 120 fps. This focusing system also supports working in low-light conditions with a Starlight mode that permits focusing down to -8.5 EV to greatly benefit astrophotography, concert, and other night-time shooting applications.

New Subject Detection Algorithm and Deep Learning Technology

Utilizing a new algorithm and deep learning technology, automatic Subject Detection can now recognize nine distinct subject types, ranging from humans to animals to airplanes to bicycles. When working in Auto-Area AF, these subjects will automatically be detected, focused on, and tracked to ensure sharp focus when the subject is moving across the frame. Eye-Detection AF, specifically, has been tuned for improved accuracy and refined recognition of eyes in the scene regardless of how small or large they are within the image frame.
The Z 9 also sees the debut of the 3D Tracking mode in a Nikon mirrorless camera. This popular focusing mode from Nikon’s DSLRs pairs with subject detection capabilities to lock onto fast and erratically moving subjects that move parallel and perpendicular to the camera axis. Additionally, there are also three Dynamic-Area AF modes, with a range of focus area sizes, to suit capturing a broader variety of moving subject types.

8K and 4K Video Recording

Up to 8K Recording Supported

Matching the high-end photo attributes, the Z 9 is Nikon’s most capable video camera as well, with a variety of resolutions and frame rates available up to 8K. Using full pixel readout, UHD 8K 30p video can be recorded with continuous shooting possible for approximately 2 hours 5 minutes. Full-frame 4K recording is available, too, up to 120p for slow-motion playback. Using an 8K area, oversampled UHD 4K recording is possible at up to 30p for increased sharpness and detail. Also, high-resolution frame grabs can be recorded in camera from 8K and 4K videos, for producing 33MP or 11MP stills, respectively.

ProRes and H.265 10-Bit Internal Recording

Internal recording with 10-bit colour and 4:2:2 sampling is possible in the ProRes 422 HQ and H.265 codecs, and H.264 and 4:2:0 colour can be used depending on workflow needs. For more latitude when colour grading in post, there is also a 10-bit N-Log setting as well as a Flat colour profile. Additionally, HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) can be used for creating HDR-ready content straight from the camera.

Professional Body Design

Real-Live Viewfinder and Four-Axis Tilting LCD

  • Real-Live Viewfinder is a an advanced EVF utilizing a 3.69m-dot OLED panel with adjustable luminance up to 3000 cd/m2 for clear visibility in bright conditions. This EVF also works in conjunction with dual-stream technology for blackout-free viewing when shooting continuously.
  • A first for Nikon, the Z 9 incorporates a 3.2″ 2.1m-dot four-axis tilting touchscreen LCD that better supports working from high and low angles, regardless if shooting in the horizontal or vertical orientation. This screen’s four-way tilting design allows for easier viewing from a variety of positions and the user interface orientation will also shift depending on how the camera is held.

Tough, Durable Construction

  • Dual CFexpress Type B memory card slots allow for flexible file saving and promote high-speed reading and writing to keep up with the fast continuous shooting and high-resolution 8K video recording. Both slots are also compatible with XQD memory cards.
  • Optimized for a professional workflow, the Z 9 is characterized by its ergonomic form factor and inclusion of a vertical grip for easy switching between horizontal and vertical shooting orientations.
  • Built to the same dust and moisture resistance standards as the D6, the Z 9 has a highly durable and rigid magnesium alloy chassis that manages to be 20% smaller than the former flagship DSLR body.
  • Included EN-EL18d battery offers approximately 700 frames per charge. The Z 9 is also compatible with other EN-EL18-series batteries.
  • In-body Vibration Reduction now supports Synchro VR to achieve up to 6 stops of camera shake compensation when used with select Z lenses.
  • VR safety lock secures the sensor and VR mechanism in place to prevent damage caused by movement while traveling.
  • Helping to cut down on dust reaching the sensor, the Z 9 incorporates a sensor shield that protects the sensor surface when changing lenses. For additional dust prevention, there is also a dual electro-conductive and fluorine coating on the optical filter covering the sensor.
  • Backlit buttons offer easier navigation and button recognition when working in low-light conditions.
  • Voice memo function for recording short spoken notes while shooting.

Nikon Z9

Versatile Connectivity

Matching the professional build quality, the Z 9 is fitted with a variety of connectivity options to suit various workflow needs:

  • Full-size HDMI port for outputting video to an external recorder or monitor
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port supports tethering, data transfer, and in-camera battery charging
  • Ethernet port supports 1000BASE-T wired LAN connection for transferring files over FTP
  • 10-pin port offers wide accessories and remote connectivity
  • PC sync port for flash sync
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5 GHz) permit wireless transferring of files, remote camera control via a mobile device, and works in conjunction with the NX Mobile Air app for file management
  • GNSS for in-camera geotagging and recording of location info while shooting


Introducing the FX-format (full-frame) Z 9, our flagship Z series mirrorless camera. A true pioneer, this camera comes with multiple first time features never before seen in a Nikon or even in this category. Experience breakthrough technology with up to 9 types of simultaneous subject detection in both stills and videos, a real-life viewfinder with no blackout period, and stunning 8K UHD/30p in-camera recording that can capture up to approximately 125 minutes. Its robust design marries form and function to bring you the best overall shooting experience, including a newly designed flexible 4-axis vertical and horizontal tilting monitor and an integrated vertical grip. Discover the unstoppable power and precision of the Z 9.

Nikon Z9


See more, capture more. Detect multiple subjects in every frame and easily find your focus with the Z 9. Experience the world’s largest1 variety of simultaneous subject detection2 thanks to an algorithm developed using deep learning technology, so whether you’re looking to capture people, cats, dogs, birds, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, planes, trains, or similar subjects, the Z 9 can identify up to 9 types of these subjects at the same time, even when shooting stills or videos.
Enjoy extra peace of mind knowing that your subjects will stay sharp, thanks to the advanced auto-area AF with 405 focus points and 3D-tracking in stills – delivering a new level of focusing precision. Dynamic AF is available to help photographers track multiple subjects in a frame, perfect for team sports.

For those looking to capture unpredictable moments in the heat of the action, such as wildlife in flight or a sporting event, a split second could make all the difference. With the Z 9, capture those shots without missing a beat with the world’s fastest1 frame rate of up to maximum 120 fps3 with High-Speed Frame Capture+ that is realised with the new EXPEED 7 image-processing engine, along with continuous shooting at 20 fps that allows continuous shooting of 1000 frames and more in JPEG or RAW4 format.


Feel closer to your craft with the Z 9. Allowing photographers to shoot their subjects more comfortably and more accurately, this camera will feel like an extension of yourself. Whether you’re at a live event or documenting key moments, capture any split-second action in real time with the new Real-Live Viewfinder with zero blackout period – made possible by the new 45.7MP stacked CMOS sensor with Dual-Stream technology and high performance EXPEED 7 image-processing engine.
See every scene clearly through your lens, even in challenging lighting conditions mid-day or in the evening with the new Quad-VGA panel which holds the title of the world’s brightest5 at 3000cd/m2. Achieve more, with the Nikon’s first 4-axis vertical and horizontal 8cm touch-sensitive tilting monitor that provides a comfortable and easy shooting experience for photographers in both portrait and landscape formats, and even helps with reading settings, no matter the orientation. Additionally, enjoy the ergonomic integrated vertical grip that facilitates easier and more comfortable handling when shooting in portrait or landscape.


Other than being able to shoot stills in high-resolution 45.7MP, the Z 9 is the first Nikon to record high-resolution 8K UHD/30p video directly in-camera utilising full-sensor with full-pixel read-out up to approximately 125 minutes.

Another first for a Nikon is the ability to record in 4K UHD/120p in full frame without cropping the scene, giving videographers the added versatility to create dramatic slow-motion scenes, revealing precise details with a wide range of frame rate from 24p to 120p. Featuring advanced time-lapse functions, the Z 9 is also capable of producing 8K in-camera time lapses, while allowing the option to save high-resolution stills from the video footage for expanded possibilities.
Support for diverse codecs give professionals more options with modern H.265 (HEVC), which has higher compression efficiency and is available with various mode including 8K30p/4K120p or the industry standard, Apple ProRes 422 HQ for intermediate file editing.


Take control of all photographic situations. The Z 9 is Nikon’s first full-frame mirrorless camera with no mechanical shutter. Perfect when capturing moments that are sound sensitive, such as weddings or theatrical performances, the non-mechanical shutter design removes any concern around creating unwanted disturbances, along with mechanical shutter wear and tear. Likewise, when crucial shots hang on a single moment, such as the swing of a golf club or a helicopter coming into land, you can rely on the world’s lowest rolling shutter distortion and the fastest scan rate6 to minimise distortion when capturing high-speed action shots.
Make sure every shot is sharp, even in highly challenging situations such as shooting handheld using slower shutter speed, with Synchro VR (Vibration Reduction)7 – which combines in-camera 5-axis VR, with compatible NIKKOR VR-equipped lenses to effectively minimise image blur.


Built to enhance your overall experience, the Z 9 has a number of features that make shooting with it an absolute dream. When shooting in dark environments, quickly and easily locate essential buttons with illuminated icons. Capture as much and as fast as you can with dual card slots that are compatible with CFexpress Type B – which support the fastest writing speed available in memory cards preventing lag-time in critical moments, especially shooting 8K videos or 45MP stills.

For those seeking adventure, or for those who work in the field, the camera’s highly robust body is more than capable to handle general wear and tear with its magnesium alloy structure, while withstanding extreme environment condition of up to -10°C. When the weather turns at a moment’s notice, the effective exterior sealing prevents the elements from entering the camera with its dust and drip-resistant performance.
A first for digital cameras – enjoy added protection on the go with dual coating on the image sensor surface that repels dust to keep the image sensor in pristine condition. A newly introduced sensor shield further prevents dust or accidental fingerprints from getting onto the sensor when lenses are being changed.


Be more connected than ever. With the Z 9’s in-camera Wi-Fi, enjoy image transfers straight from the camera to FTP servers along with useful automated functions, such as interval timer and focus shift shooting, without any additional accessories. Transfer quickly and efficiently while out in the field by assigning multiple frequently-used commands such as “select to send”, “protect”, and “rating” and executing them with one button.
With NX MobileAir smart device app8, seamlessly transfer images in mere moments from camera to smart devices and onto an FTP server – bypassing the need for personal computers (PC) to send the latest images from the field to a news desk in the shortest time. For studio and artistic shoots in a controlled setting, such as fashion or commercial photography, the NX Tether software with a user-friendly interface, allows tethering direct from camera to a PC, so you can control, shoot and see your shots on a larger screen in all their glory.
See how you can achieve peak photography performance with the magnificent design and engineering of the Z 9. 

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