Tamron 70-200mm F2.8 DI VC USD (Nikon Mount) – DSLR Camera Lens

Tamron 70-200mm F2.8 DI VC USD (Nikon Mount) – DSLR Camera Lens. The apex of telephoto lenses in a compact package. “SP 70-200mm F/2.8 Di VC USD”*1 with VC (Vibration Compensation) image stabilization delivers leading-edge image quality in a body that’s smallest*2 in its class. Equipped with Tamron’s proprietary USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive) motor, this lens boasts a speedy autofocus so that you can capture that one decisive moment. For sports, journalism, fashion, weddings, or even landscapes, the 70-200mm will exceed your expectations every time.

Add 4 stops for shake-free shooting
VC (Vibration Compensation)
Focal length : 102mm
Exposure : F/4.5 1/13 sec ISO : 640
With VC, the photographer can shoot at a shutter speed up to four stops slower.

This high-speed F/2.8 telephoto zoom lens is equipped with the VC mechanism that delivers sharp and vivid viewfinder images. Even in low-light situations, VC reduces camera shake to deliver sharp images.

Tamron’s VC is a three-coil system, whereby three driving coils activate the shake-compensating VC lens group electromagnetically via three ceramic balls. The VC lens elements are held in place only by contact with the ceramic balls, achieving smooth movement with little friction. This provides a stable viewfinder image with excellent tracking performance.

Tamron’s original VC image stabilization mechanism utilized a moving magnet system whereby a heavy magnet was positioned near the moving VC lens element. In the new VC unit the positions of the magnet and the coil are reversed, because of this the VC optical lens element is attached to the coil. The new VC mechanism employs a moving coil mechanism with a lightweight coil, and the lighter coil reduces the load on the drive system. Thus, the lighter, more compact new VC unit contributes to the lens’s overall light weight and compact size.

Fast, accurate, quiet focusing USD(Ultrasonic Silent Drive)

Tamron 70-200mm F2.8 DI VC USD (Nikon Mount) – DSLR Camera Lens

In the ultrasonic motor, a piezoelectric element arranged in a ring formation generates ultrasonic vibrations in a metallic ring stator, and the vibration energy is used to rotate a metallic ring rotor that is attached to the stator. The rotation energy is in turn transferred from the metallic ring rotor to operate the focus lens. The result is a lens featuring low noise and high-torque, highly responsive, speedy focusing.

Technology and innovation all packed into one small place

The most compact*1 lens body in its class, and it’s equipped with Tamron’s USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive) motor and VC (Vibration Compensation) image stabilization to reduce camera shake so that you can achieve the previously unobtainable.

Moisture-resistant construction helps protect from the elements

Moisture-resistant construction helps prevent moisture from penetrating the lens.

Rounded diaphragm and high-speed deliver spectacular blur effects

Using a rounded diaphragm*2, this lens achieves spectacular blur effects. By distinctively blurring backgrounds and foregrounds this high-speed lens creates images that bring your subject into focus, thus to life.

Tamron 70-200mm F2.8 DI VC USD (Nikon Mount) – DSLR Camera Lens

Delivering leading-edge image quality

With one special XLD (Extra Low Dispersion) glass*3 and four LD (Low Dispersion) elements, this lens offers a new level of correction for chromatic aberrations. The new advanced optical design delivers higher performance with excellent contrast and resolution.

Full-time manual focus makes fine tuning easy

All Tamron lenses have high autofocus precision and are designed to capture subjects easily in almost any situation, yet sometimes a photographer wants to fine tune and make adjustments on the fly. The integration of full time manual focus offers just that: instead of fumbling with switches, photographers can switch from autofocus to manual focus by simply adjusting the focus ring. This feature helps the lens produce impressive results even in telephoto situations where the depth of field is narrow.

Model A009
Focal Length 70-200mm
Maximum Aperture F/2.8
Angle of View (diagonal) 34゜21′ – 12゜21′ (with full-size SLR cameras)
22゜33′ – 7゜59′ (with APS-C sized sensor digital SLR cameras)
Lens Construction 23 elements in 17 groups
Minimum Focus Distance 1.3m (51.2 in)
Max. Magnification Ratio 1:8 (at f=200mm : MFD 1.3m)
Filter Size Φ77mm
Length*1 188.3mm (7.4 in)*
Entire Length*2 196.7mm (7.7 in)*
Diameter Φ85.8mm
Weight 1,470g (51.9 oz)*
(including detachable tripod mount)
Diaphragm Blade Number 9 (rounded diaphragm)*3
Minimum Aperture F/32
Standard Accessory Flower-shaped lens hood
Standard Accessory Compatible Mounts
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 25.00 × 15.00 × 15.00 cm


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