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Phottix LED Light 260C + FREE DELIVERY

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Phottix Video LED Light 260C + FREE DELIVERY

The Phottix VLED Video LED Light 260C features 260 LED light bulbs with an output of 1600 lumens, and colour temperature control.

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Phottix LED Light 260C + FREE DELIVERY

The Phottix LED Light 260C is a continuous lighting solution for a video camera or DSLR. The VLED 260C light contains 260 LEDs, features adjustable colour temperature, is compatible with most digital or video cameras, runs on six AA batteries (not included) or select batteries from Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, and Sony.

260 LED’s / 1600 lumens

This VLED model contains 260 LED lights to provide a bright output of 1600 lumens.

Adjustable colour temperature

The colour temperature of the 260C can be adjusted between 3200K and 7500K. This will help you get the right colour temperature to suit your subject and camera white balance.

Stepless brightness adjustment

The Phottix VLED light’s brightness can be controlled via a simple adjustment wheel to suit various lighting conditions.

Multiple battery options

The VLED can either be powered by 6 AA batteries or one of the these popular camera batteries:

  • Canon LP-E6
  • Nikon EN-EL15
  • Sony NP-F550
  • Panasonic D16

Fits many DSLR cameras and camcorders

A standard shoe mount enables the Phottix VLED to mount on most DSLR’s, video cameras, and camcorders

White and orange diffusers

One white and one orange diffuser helps to create a soft and pleasant light.

Multiple Light Combinations

4 Extension slots enables up to 9 VLED’s to be paired together to make a large light source

In The Box

  • Phottix VLED Video LED Light 260C
  • Orange Diffuser
  • White Diffuser
  • Battery adapters